zStore V1.75

December 9th 2022

zStore is a ready to use Amazon Affiliate Store which allows you to earn money with the items you add to this online store.
Items and its information can be grabbed directly from Amazon using the Amazon webservices with the help of the Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0.
You can modify the items and add additional information and videos.
Several tools allow to auto grab/add items depending on suggestions and search results.
Check out the admin area in the German demo to get a deeper look.

zStore can be used on any Amazon marketplace (.com,.de,.co.uk,.in,.....) but the demo show only a few of them, because I have no access to an active API-Key for all available marketplaces.
zStore only available on codecanyon

Amazon Germany


German Demo Store

Filled up with fitness and gym products
Full API support
Accessible administration interface
Using layout flone

visit German demo store

Amazon United Kingdom


British Demo Store

Filled up with Marvel and DC Media
API Support for the Cart only
Items equipped with embedded video trailers
Using layout flone

visit British demo store

Amazon France


French Demo Store

Fashion for female or male
outdated item availibilty because of lack of active API Key - API Support for the Cart only
Using layout bikes'n scooters

visit French demo store

Amazon Italy


Italian Demo Store

Filled with amazon electronic gadgets
API Support for the Cart only
Using layout default

visit Italian demo store